When you notice that the security center is notifying you that your email account has sent some spam messages then that is an indication that your account has been hacked, phished or compromised. Some people may find that even after entering valid login details they are unable to login in the account then that simply indicates that they are suffering from the situation of Hotmail hacked account and this situation could be handled only by recovering the account with the help of technical team. Our team members will instantly take steps against this case as it is one of the most sensitive situation.

Hotmail Hacked Account

What are the symptoms of Hotmail hacked account?

  • Suddenly, if the people within your address book or some other people complain that they are receiving spam messages from your account whereas you are not sending them then that means that the hacker who is having access of your account is sending those messages. Hotmail password recovery is one of the vital step for solving this issue.
  • If you are unable to receive any emails, then there is a possibility that your emails are redirected to some other account in that case you must immediately contact Hotmail customer service team for recovering the account.
  • Often, such a situation may arise when you find that some of your emails are missing. This could happen only when somebody else is deleting the emails. In another situation, you have difficulty in sending emails and the messages get bounced frequently.
  • In case you have Hotmail login problem even after entering valid login credentials, then one possible reason of this problem is that your account has been hacked and that could be solved only with the help of support team.

When the login details of the account are compromised through phishing or through key logging malware then you suffer from Hotmail hacked account. After the login information is stolen by the hacker, it is used for sending the spam and fraudulent emails to hack the other accounts. Hence, you can take help of experts of Hotmail support team to regain access to the account.

How to recover the account?

  • Change password: If the password is changed then that minimizes the immediate risk to the account. You can safeguard the account by selecting a strong password while signing up in the account with the assistance of Hotmail help team. They guide you through the steps of recovering the password irrespective of the method that is chosen for recovering the account.
  • Update security questions: You must ensure that you keep the security questions of the account updated. The security questions will allow you to make the changes in your account information as per your wish by just answering the questions. This is a vital step for preventing the situation of Hotmail hacked account.
  • Secure the computers: You must secure your computer by installing antivirus in it. If any malware enters the computer, then there are chances that it will steal the information from there. This information is used to hack the account. Hence, it becomes utmost important that antivirus is used on the computers when you are accessing email service on it.

Above discussed are some of the ways to recover the Hotmail hacked account. You must analyze the situation when you find any of these symptoms which is indicating the situation of hacked account and then take proper actions against it. Our team members have expertise is handling every kind of situation, be it simple issues regarding email attachments or the situation of hacked. The important factor of this support team is that they are always present to help you.